We work with companies understand the complete Supply Chain Finance Cycle and provide cost effective High ROI solutions.

We are registered and work with all the RBI approved Fintech TREDS platforms RXIL, M1, Invoicemart. It helps us to rotate cash at faster pace and more volumes.

Alternative Risk

We insure all our trade receivables with Top tier Trade credit insurance companies transferring the Risk to Insurers/Re-insurers.

Our FX platform handles millions of FX flows in real time and helps us to reduce cost of Hedging by 50%.

Services We Provide

  • We arrange Import and Export Supply chain finance
  • Insurance Backed commodity Trade
  • Buyers Credit/Suppliers Credit from major Banks
  • Low cost Hedging solutions (Zero cost collars, Risk reversal, Seagulls)
  • Complete Supply chain cycle we are sector Agnostic.

Road Ahead

Currently Fintech invoice discounting platforms are addressing post trade transactions.

Spacenet is currently working with large Institutions to Launch a Payable exchange fintech platform powered by Blockchain and AI. In India addressing the pre trade and post trade, Supply chain financing and Insurance backed Risk management into one.

The platform will be the first one, where short term trade finance invoices will be converted into asset class backed by insurance and distributed to all FII and Debt funds.