We build Our Subsidiaries, Co-invest, Incubate

To concentrate our focus is a winning strategy

We build blockchain services to fill important gaps

We Invest, Co-invest, Provide Technology, Automated Market Making (AMM), Liquidity, Acquire and Operate Fintech blockchain business across the globe.

Core Strengths

Core Strengths

Many of our core members acquired and gained hands on experience in both world of Crypto Mining, Liquidity Mining. We are currently focusing to Co-invest/incubate

Road A Head

  • Bill Discounting Platform
  • NEO Bank
  • Crypto Exchange DEx(Decentralized Exchange)
  • Crypto Mining(Proof of Work / Proof of Stake)
  • Liquidity / AMM Mining
  • Yield Farming

Liquidity is the new currency and we can make any asset liquid.