We work with major Orchards, Processors, Agricultural Ministries, Food Export Processing Units and Food Export Promotion Councils.

We customize high quality products with our brand “KLING” for retail distribution.

Currently merging with Kling Enterprises India Limited.

Global Storage and Logistics

We work with global storage logistic companies and continuously monitor the supply-chain management.

Our MIS (Management Information System) tracks inventory and helps the stockist to replace the stocks in real-time.

Spot Cash Arbitrage

We aim to make money by predicting the seasonality.

Cross Border Arbitrage

We procure the products in one place and sell it at high price in another country.

Time Zone Arbitrage

We buy products in different time zones and sell in different time zones.

Processing Arbitrage

Sometimes we customise and add value to SME’s meeting their requirements and sell them at higher prices